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WELCOME TO THE LAB is a revolutionary new website that dares to push the limits of dreaming. The goal of Dream Labs is to train people in the art of lucid dreaming-both beginners and experts alike-and encourage its visitors to participate in dream experiments. Very little is known about what dreams are and how they can impact both the individual and the collective. As an online community, participants will test out techniques and hypotheses while in the dream world, explore topics such as shared dreaming, dream telepathy and other various lucid experiments. Dreamers like YOU will report back observations and the findings are then analyzed and displayed for all to see. Science meets lucid dreaming, all free and accessible to the world.

Your Professors

Thomas, Jared and Dylan are award-winning writers and filmmakers living in Manhattan, each with their own story.

Thomas began his exploits in the dream world as a young teenager. After becoming lucid spontaneously a few times, he began emerging himself in books, articles and anything he could find that might help him understand this unique experience. Since then, he has flown above the clouds with geese, ran through the woods as a wolf, created a galaxy and met with various teachers in his dreams. His greatest advice was given to him by a 7-feet-tall Abraham Lincoln.

Jared also learned about lucid dreaming during his teenage years. He's bathed in the sunlight while flying, battled giant robot ninjas, conversed with the darker aspects of himself and practiced controlling energy. He looks at lucid dreaming as a chance to step through the mirror of dreaming, an opportunity to push the veil of our reality aside and glimpse at the nature of the universe. He also likes hanging out with baby tiger cubs.

Dylan was exposed to lucid dreaming by Thomas after the two met at college. He gawked at this amazing ability and soon found himself flying over the ocean, talking with guides and exploring Mexican villages.

The three started thinking about Dream Labs and their book Oneironautics in late 2010. "If only the rest of the world could wake up in their dreams!" they thought.

The trio raised money for Dream Labs/Oneironautics on the crowd-sourcing site in 2011. The rest is history...

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